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Register for the first webinar next Tuesday, 10/13 4-5pm MST here: All webinars are on Zoom, the link will be provided once you register. The second and third webinars have their own pages and can be found on that same website. These will be Tuesdays 10/20 and 10/27 at the same time.

Teletherapy Tips: More Connection, Less Awkwardness

As the virus continues to rage on and be a persistent threat to our safety, health and freedom, many therapist including myself are sticking to teletherapy. I think about what this would be like 20-30 years ago when we weren't so technologically advanced, and feel grateful all this is even possible! Teletherapy has undoubtedly been … Continue reading Teletherapy Tips: More Connection, Less Awkwardness

Calm in the time of COVID-19 COVID-19 is taking over our media and many people's peace of mind. As someone who has worked on a hospital medical floor for years, infection fear is something I'm quite familiar with. I have compiled what I hope will be a helpful guide to have a balanced and proactive response to this scary topic. (Please note: … Continue reading Calm in the time of COVID-19

Aurgasm: Focusing on The Sensual Sense of Hearing

Photo by Victor Freitas on Two of my greatest areas of interest are music and sexuality. Quick story time: in undergrad, I had a two hour a week alternative radio show and would have themes to each show. Some themes were more obvious but others I had a lot of fun with. Really leaning … Continue reading Aurgasm: Focusing on The Sensual Sense of Hearing

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

You might have heard of people talking about abundance or an abundance mindset, but most people don't know what the inverse, scarcity mindset. So what is this and how can it be helpful to improving your life?  The  Abundance  Mindset The reason we call this the abundance mindset is because the philosophy is that the universe and … Continue reading Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset