Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

You might have heard of people talking about abundance or an abundance mindset, but most people don't know what the inverse, scarcity mindset. So what is this and how can it be helpful to improving your life?  The  Abundance  Mindset The reason we call this the abundance mindset is because the philosophy is that the universe and … Continue reading Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

What Sex Therapy Is — And Isn’t

What isn't sex therapy? When I tell people I am a sex therapist, a lot of the time people give me a confused look. Many people think that sex therapy is having sexual intimacy with the clients to help them improve their sexual abilities. While I support sex work and sex workers, this is separate … Continue reading What Sex Therapy Is — And Isn’t

5 Myths about Gender vs. Sex vs. Sexual Orientation

I have a lot of opinions about how woefully unprepared children and teens are for topics around the broad and diverse umbrella of information we call "sex ed." I look forward to writing another post (or many more) about what is missed. For now, one of the biggest areas is education on gender vs. sex … Continue reading 5 Myths about Gender vs. Sex vs. Sexual Orientation