Sleep Hygiene and Sexy-Time

While reading the title of this blogpost, my guess is you’re in one of two camps. The first camp has heard about sleep hygiene probably more than a few times (from a doctor or other mental health services) and the second camp is wondering how “sleep” and “hygiene” go together. If you are in camp … Continue reading Sleep Hygiene and Sexy-Time

What Sex Therapy Is — And Isn’t

What isn't sex therapy? When I tell people I am a sex therapist, a lot of the time people give me a confused look. Many people think that sex therapy is having sexual intimacy with the clients to help them improve their sexual abilities. While I support sex work and sex workers, this is separate … Continue reading What Sex Therapy Is — And Isn’t

5 Myths about Gender vs. Sex vs. Sexual Orientation

I have a lot of opinions about how woefully unprepared children and teens are for topics around the broad and diverse umbrella of information we call "sex ed." I look forward to writing another post (or many more) about what is missed. For now, one of the biggest areas is education on gender vs. sex … Continue reading 5 Myths about Gender vs. Sex vs. Sexual Orientation