Therapy for Sex Workers

What might we talk about in therapy?

We will talk about your identity, your background, your relationships and what ever feels most important to you that day. If that day, you want to talk about your sex-based work, I have foundational knowledge so you won’t have to spend your therapy time educating me on the culture of sex work, stigmas and/or myths of sex workers and how legislation often makes sex workers’ jobs more dangerous. There are things we all like and dislike about our jobs. I won’t have an agenda if you want to discuss things you don’t like about your job just because it’s stigmatized in our culture.

How can I be sure that talking openly and honestly about my work won’t affect me negatively or come back to haunt me?

This is a completely understandable fear, especially if you engage in full-service sex work. If you are an adult, you are able to talk about your work, even if not legal, with complete confidentiality. If you are a sex worker and have a child, I will not judge you. I support legalization of full-service sex work and am knowledgeable about the stigmatizing and highly negative impacts of legislation like SESTA/FOSTA.

Will you try to talk me out of sex work?

In a word, NO. I also understand many organizations present this same message while using manipulation or other strategies to subtly or overtly “save” sex workers. I don’t think that sex work inherently causes problems nor needs to be the focus of therapy. I don’t believe an adult with agency needs a therapist who thinks they know what is best for their client without ever walking a mile in their 5-inch heels. I am here to offer a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to explore all areas of your life so that you can grow and work on goals that are set by you. If you are wanting out of sex work, I will support you as well, but you won’t be pushed in any direction by me.

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