Initial Phone Consultation

I offer a free 15-minute initial consultation by phone. If interested in couples/partners therapy, it works best to be in one place and put the phone on speakerphone, so please schedule accordingly.

Pricing for sessions (ALL telehealth via Video or phone)

Individual: $180 per 50-minute session

Couples:  $200 per 50-minute session

Longer sessions (see note on this below): 80-minute sessions available with an prorated cost of $290/80-minute individual session and $320/80-minute couple/partner sessions

  • Most clients prefer 50-minute sessions while others prefer longer sessions: it comes down to personal preference and often processing style, schedule, etc. are factors to consider.
  • A “Good Faith Estimate” of approximate costs of therapy available upon request
Frequently asked questions:
Can I start with individual and switch to couples/partner (or vice versa)? SHOULD I DO INDIVIDUAL OR COUPLE/PARTNER THERAPY?

This is one of the most common questions I get! And with good reason because it is confusing that I offer either individual or couples/partner therapy. This means I don’t switch from working with an individual or partnership to bringing in partners or switching to a different configuration (less or more people in the session). If you already know or think you might decide that one of the other would also be helpful, I can provide referrals at any time for some colleagues.

As for whether individual or couple/partner therapy is best for you, it really depends on each situation and the unique history of what brings you in. Because sex and intimacy do not exist in a vacuum, there is often a lot of overlap between pieces that are individual and related to the relationship.

This is a perfect question to ask on a phone consultation with me, as we can have a dialogue once I hear more about your specific goals. A general rule (with many exceptions) is that if you are struggling with an issue that started before you met your partner, individual might be a good place to start. If the issue has started or gotten more intense/severe since the beginning of the relationship, couples/partner therapy may be more effective.

FAQ: Do You Take Insurance, Medicaid/care, eap?

I do not contract directly with or accept insurance. I can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company in case they reimburse for out-of-network therapy — some do, some partially reimburse (with or without meeting your deductible) and many don’t. If you have medicaid or medicare, you cannot pay out of pocket without getting prior approval of your case manager.

If you are ready to feel less hopeless and stuck around your sex life and get your sexy back, call/text 720-593-0253 or hit the button below to schedule a free phone consultation today:

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