Calm in the time of COVID-19 COVID-19 is taking over our media and many people's peace of mind. As someone who has worked on a hospital medical floor for years, infection fear is something I'm quite familiar with. I have compiled what I hope will be a helpful guide to have a balanced and proactive response to this scary topic. (Please note: … Continue reading Calm in the time of COVID-19

Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

You might have heard of people talking about abundance or an abundance mindset, but most people don't know what the inverse, scarcity mindset. So what is this and how can it be helpful to improving your life?  The  Abundance  Mindset The reason we call this the abundance mindset is because the philosophy is that the universe and … Continue reading Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset

Sleep Hygiene and Sexy-Time

While reading the title of this blogpost, my guess is you’re in one of two camps. The first camp has heard about sleep hygiene probably more than a few times (from a doctor or other mental health services) and the second camp is wondering how “sleep” and “hygiene” go together. If you are in camp … Continue reading Sleep Hygiene and Sexy-Time

What is anxiety (hold the psychobabble) and how can I brain hack it?

We deal with a lot of stress in our day-to-day lives. Between our overloaded schedules and often constant connection to social media, there is a lot to stress over -- money, raising housing rates, debt -- especially student loans and medical bills, etc. For most of us, stress can't be avoided. Stress or stressors (sorry … Continue reading What is anxiety (hold the psychobabble) and how can I brain hack it?

Be “WEL”

Ever have trouble falling asleep because your mind just won't leave you alone? So many of us are tortured at night by thoughts of what we have to do tomorrow or what we didn't get done today, or both! Maybe this results in insomnia or hits you at different points during the day -- unwelcome … Continue reading Be “WEL”