COVID / Coronavirus Counseling

Are you worried about the future in the midst of the global pandemic?

Do you feel isolated and lonely while out of a job or working from home?

Are you struggling to find a balance between being informed of virus updates and checking the news constantly causing more anxiety?

You are not alone.

Now more than ever, your mental health is important to be cared for. Excess fear and anxiety can cause lack of sleep and lower your immune system — not exactly what you want in the setting of a highly contagious global virus!

How can covid / coronavirus therapy help?

Therapy can help you talk through and process these overwhelming fears. Your feelings won’t be judged or dismissed. As a therapist, I will be there to honor those feelings so you can move through them to a place of calm and greater acceptance of what you can’t control. From there, we can work together to teach you personalized skills and tools that work for you to challenge unhelpful thoughts, decrease anxiety and increase moments of calm. This applies to both individuals and couples/partners. With couples/partner, therapy can help improve communication, build healthy boundaries and navigate being in close quarters.

Is therapy safe at this time with the need to social distance?

YES! I offer video and phone sessions so we can “meet” and not put you, me or the general public at risk of spreading this scary virus that often doesn’t have symptoms. Video sessions especially are surprisingly similar to sitting face to face and we will set it up so we can see each other’s facial expressions and other cues that you might be feeling anxious (like breathing heavier) so I can help support you.

If you are interested in counseling for you and/or your partner(s), call, email or hit the button below to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation or a session:

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